“On the Grid” Tour with Brett Sargent Starts September 2013


In our last post, we shared the results from our 2012 transmission and distribution survey and learned that cost is the leading deterrent of wide-scale deployment of an online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitoring solution. We also discussed how to make old transformers last longer by making them “smarter” with continuous online monitoring and diagnostics, similar to how we need more frequent blood testing and analysis as we age.

The transmission and distribution infrastructure is under heavy stress and is increasing in age without quick relief in sight. Electrical demand continues to grow steadily every year with utilities unable to financially and physically keep up with replacement and expansion of assets. When you add the much talked about age of the utility workforce with their decades of expertise and knowledge, yet knowing they will be retiring very soon, you see a perfect storm developing. Utilities need to extend the life of their assets, and do so intelligently with automation to also compensate for the retiring workforce and keep up with impending growth.

Brett Sargent will be discussing this issue in technical presentations next month in Calgary, when he begins the “On the Grid with Brett Sargent” tour. Brett will explore strategies such as “Intelligent Sensing at the EdgeTM” as well as discuss how deploying sensing technologies correctly can enable Substation Life Extension (SLExTM) to optimize grid asset performance and extend substation life. Brett’s view “On the Grid” is based on years of his experience as well as incorporating the latest trends in Big Data and the Internet of Things from Silicon Valley.  Brett will explain how to make the Grid “Smart” and not break the budget in doing so and still meet the aggressive timeline of grid modernization that is needed.  He’ll continue his technical presentations at industry leading conferences throughout the remainder of the year and is looking forward to presenting to key players in the electric power sector.

Register to receive notification when two of Brett’s upcoming technical presentations are available as Webinars! Find out how these new technologies can help utilities extend the life of your assets and truly enable Smart Grid without replacing everything on the grid.

Cigre Canada Conference – Calgary Sept. 9-11, 2013
TechCon Canada – Calgary Sept. 12-13, 2013
DataWeek 2013 – San Francisco Sept. 28-Oct. 3, 2013
O’Reilly Strata Conference  – London Nov. 11-13, 2013

Note:  Registering with LumaSense does not register you for the conference. To register for the conference, please visit the appropriate website for your show: CIGRE, TechCon, DataWeek, & O’Reilly Strata.

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