Keeping Transformers Online

Transformers are getting older and electricity demands are expected to increase by 19% over the next 10 years. Monitoring transformers and keeping them online is essential to meeting increasing demands with older equipment.

Traditionally, transformers are monitored with manual methods such as manual samples and manual analysis. Using sensors with intelligence allows utility managers to monitor transformers daily from afar. Daily samples can help managers understand how their transformers are performing with automatic data analysis. Learn more in the infographic below!

ONLINE KEEPING Transformers Problems with Transformers especially aging 75% of transformers are 25+ years old 500% Failure rate expected to increase by 500% over the next 15 years 19% Electricity demand expected to increase by 19% over the next 10 years Old Ways of Monitoring IN THE CLOUD Easy to get information into and out of the cloud Concerns of virtual and physical attacks, disabling infrastructure and stealing data NERC CIP concerns on data security in the “CLOUD” New Ways of Monitoring WHERE DO YOU PROCESS YOUR DATA? IN THE SERVER Processing to occur at one location and can physically secure and control this data storage and analytics Provides an infrastructure overload scenario by having to allow for such large bandwidth to accumulate streams of data pouring in Will involve "inherent" delays in processing and decisions AT THE EDGE Moving processing/ intelligence to the sensor head Allows for fast data action with minimal chance of interruption Intelligent sensing at the edge can reduce data out by 80% Intelligent sensing at the edge can REDUCE DATA OUT BY 80% Gb/sec 3–5 Force Data Across Network by Exception Asset Sensor Action Storage Analytics send exception, but allow access Move decisions/actions/analytics as close to sensor head as possible. Report by exception only... not all data. +1 800 631 0176 www.lumasenseinc.comAwakening Your 6th Sense Explore the strategy of Intelligent Sensing at the Edge and how deploying sensing technology correctly can enable Substation Life extension and optimize asset performance. Analog Gauges: analog outputs, log readings Manual samples, manual analysis, manual interpretation Visual Indicators and sight glasses 10-fold increase in sensors, 1,000-fold increase in data Solid state sensors with intelligence Data concentrator to pull data together from multiple sensors More remote, less local

How do you currently monitor your transformers? 

One thought on “Keeping Transformers Online

  1. Traditional methods need to be re-examined to achieve the best asset protection from failures either in a shot term or long term timeframe. Each asset in the Electrical T&D world is getting older and older, with a few reaching 45 to 50 year life. Although the past designs for loading and capability has been kept at a minimum, the current population of assets are having their abilities pushed harder and harder.
    The industry needs to be aware of this fact and acknowledge the need for better monitoring equipment at a reasonable price while providing the latest technology and condition data possible. Smart Sensors are just the beginning of this trend, Smart Networks and Smart Diagnostics are also required.

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