Introducing the PULSAR 4 for Petrochemical Asset Monitoring

We are excited to share that we released the new PULSAR 4 at the ADIPEC show in Abu Dhabi today! The PULSAR 4 is the latest addition to our E2T line of petrochemical infrared sensors and it is our best PULSAR product to date for keeping valuable petrochemical assets performing and prevent unwarranted downtime!

What is it for?
Oil & Gas operations are heavily dependent on combustion based processes to supply the world’s growing energy needs. The PULSAR 4 is intended for monitoring the Refractory and Gas temperatures inside Sulfur Recovery Units, Sulfur Burners, and Thermal Oxidizer Furnaces where temperature control is crucial to efficient, safe, and clean operations.

What makes it so special?
The PULSAR 4 is an explosion proof infrared thermometer (pyrometer) with the ability to see through flames and simultaneously deliver the Refractory Temperature and Gas Temperature with precision to 0.3% of reading and a range of 350 to 2000° C.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it is, especially the ability to deliver both temperatures simultaneously. This is what enables our proprietary Smart Flame Measurement Algorithm (Smart FMA™) which accounts for flame transparency that can affect the temperature readings for a more precise view of activity inside these vessels. Furthermore, the PULSAR 4 meets more current and stringent certifications for hydrogen environments. ATEX, IECEx and FM are some of the many certifications. Our updated and powerful InfraWin software interprets the data from the PULSAR 4 for analysis inside the control room.

Still not convinced?
Check out the recent article in InnovOil! This article features the PULSAR family of E2T products and discusses the application.

Here’s a quick list of PULSAR 4 features from our new product page:

  • Captures simultaneous gas and refractory temperatures that are field configurable.
  • More precise than before at 0.3% of reading.
  • Enhanced flexibility with wider temperature spans than before, from 350 to 2000 °C, with the ability to sub-range in the field.
  • Safety increased through higher H2 area classification (IIB+H2).
  • Withstands harsher temperatures without costly cooling devices.
  • Supports multiple power configurations of 24 VDC, 120/240AC to prevent on-site installation of electrical needs.

We are quite excited by today’s launch and hope you are too. Like its predecessor, the PULSAR 4 is destined to make an impact at petrochemical facilities across the globe. We invite you to learn more!

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