Meet PT Guna Elektro from Indonesia

gae_bannerPT Guna Elektro traveled halfway around the world to make a special visit to LumaSense headquarters!

PTGuna-groupThey met our executive staff and product managers, asked our application experts tough questions, and toured the LumaSense factory.

PTGuna-factory tourPlus they had some good Italian food with the LumaSense team…


Over the last 3 years, PT Guna Elektro has partnered with LumaSense to make significant inroads to the Indonesia market. They impress us time and time again for identifying and introducing us to the right people that impacts the closing of an opportunity.

Last year, PT Guna Elektro helped arrange for Tim Dubbs, our Global Director of Applications, to discuss the BoilerSpection solution with over 200 regional industry professionals at GAExpert Forum!

PTGuna-gaeforumPT Guna Elektro facilitated a BoilerSpection system demonstration at a major coal power plant in the region.

PTguna-sitevisitLumaSense wants to give a big THANK YOU to PT Guna Elektro for their results to date and commitment to LumaSense. We are excited to watch them grow!!

Want to learn more about PT Guna?

gaeGAE founded in 1962
PT Guna Elektro is a subdivision of GAE
1500 employees

One thought on “Meet PT Guna Elektro from Indonesia

  1. “I am looking forward to the great products in the future.
    Great partner has been visiting from Indonesia. It is that nice.
    From LumaSense Company I can only expect great technical assistance and Quality.”

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