LumaSense Turns 10!!!

August marked the 10th anniversary of LumaSense Technologies, Inc.®  Although it was originally founded in 2005, the companies that make LumaSense what it is today have over 50+ years of history and experience in the industries we serve. Many of you may have already seen the press release that tells our story.

Our headquarters office in Santa Clara held a lunch celebration that was kicked off by a speech from our CEO, Steve Abely. Steve discussed our history and honored members of our LumaSense family with substantial service to the company.

Our Human Resources team members Pat Winter and Erica Perez designed a special LumaSense version of bingo. Pictured below are some of the winners!

bingo_phillis Buettner

Bingo winner Phillis Buettner

bingo_Tom Doak

Bingo winner Tom Doak

Bingo_Dave Ducharme

Bingo winner Dave Ducharme


Bingo winner Rosa Veloz


Bingo winner Carola Herlich


Bingo winner Shelly Ong

After lunch and bingo, our executive team tried to pose for a group photo!Executive Team Photo Attempt

Click here to see more photos from the company celebration!

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