I & C Sales Teams up with LumaSense at Heat Treat 2015


I & C Sales North, Inc., a longtime LumaSense partner from Michigan, joined us at the 28th annual ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exhibition. Innovators, influencers, and decision makers in the Heat Treating industry gathered from around the world at the conference in Detroit last month.


Bob Mintz, Janelle Coponen, Jonathan Wright, Denise Kinnunen, Nate Wilcox, and Bill Kolbeck

The two-day show was very successful! Jeremy Lovell, Vince Lowler, and Jonathan Wright talked with show attendees about the latest industry innovations, such as the ISR 6-TI Advanced, the first industrial grade pyrometer with thermal imaging. Jeremy showed several potential customers how they can achieve measurable results when they didn’t think was possible.

Janelle Coponen, Vince Folwer, and Denise Kinnunen

Janelle Coponen, Vince Lolwer, and Denise Kinnunen

“Customers often believe that they have a definitive understanding on the overall process temperature with the simple use of a contact thermocouple or a spot pyrometer, but usually they have just a small glimpse of the overall process temperature. The ISR 6-TI Advanced allows customers to monitor both the spot temperature of the product and also see the overall thermal map of the product temperature at a fraction of the cost of traditional fixed thermal imager,” Jeremy said.

ISR 6-TI Pyrometer

ISR 6-TI Advanced Pyrometer

Another hot topic was FurnaceSpection, the infrared camera system ideal for continuous monitoring of furnaces in refining, glass, and metal processes. Attendees couldn’t believe the clear images they were seeing with the system! Jeremy was great at explaining how system users can reduce cycle times while at the same time improving their quality and process repeatability.

We were impressed by the technical knowledge and energy exhibited by Jeremy Lovell and the I & C Sales team at the show! Their passion for helping customers solve their temperate sensing problems was evident when they talked with customers about improving their processes.

We are proud to have Jeremy, Vince, and Jonathan as part of our team and thank them for making the short trip to join us in Detroit!

Want to learn more about I & C Sales?

ICLogoI&C sales was established in 1978 and has been serving Michigan for over 30 years! They specialize in the steel, glass, automotive, OEM, and Oil & Gas Markets.

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