Why Choose an Infrared Thermometer over Conventional Methods?

infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers (also called pyrometers) operate on the principle of detecting infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. Pyrometers are useful for controlling complete factory processes or measuring small components to ensure a consistent quality level.

The key benefit to using a pyrometer to measure temperature is that you do not have to make contact with the process or surface being measured.

This is especially useful when traditional contact measurement is impractical or may introduce contamination. Measuring molten steel, which would normally melt traditional thermocouples, is a good example. Non-contact pyrometer vs thermocouple contact measurement

Where can I use a pyrometer?

Pyrometers are versatile and useful across multiple industries. From steel rolling mills to ultra-thin glass to substations, pyrometer monitoring possibilities are almost limitless! Check out the list for more applications:

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How do you currently monitor your processes? Could your processes benefit from non-contact temperature measurement?