Visit the LumaSense booth at Cigre!

Cigre boothWe’re excited to be at Cigre this week and proud to show off the new ThermalSpection 724 (TS724) system for monitoring and analyzing thermal trends remotely!

The new TS724DV-PT solution allows for automated, continuous thermal and visual imaging for multiple, distant substation and industrial assets from a central location. The system includes a substation hardened enclosure with thermal and visual imagers mounted on a pan-tilt positioner. Since this system includes a stainless steel junction box and cable, installers only need to bring power and communications to the junction box!

thermalspection 724 system set up at the cigre boothApplications for this system include:

  • Substations and electrical switchgear monitoring of bushings, isolators, breakers, capacitor banks, bushings, and transformers
  • Monitoring industrial and petrochemical pipelines for leaks
  • Monitoring fuel storage facilities for hot spots

We invite you to stop by Stand 303 and get a first-hand look at the ThermalSpection 724 as well as our SmartDGA solution and the new INNOVA 3731 gas detection system!