Q & A – Process Automation in Petrochemical Plants Using Thermal Imaging

Q & A – Process Automation in Petrochemical Plants Using Thermal Imaging

We had a successful webinar last week! In this information webinar, attendees learned how the use of automated thermal imaging systems can improve safety and efficiency, while enabling advanced process control. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using automated thermal imaging systems and to find out how you can watch the recorded webinar!

Can you compensate for buildup caused by oil burners in the furnace?
If you have oil burners, we don’t have any direct compensation. It just depends on what the compensation means. Of course, we want to keep the optics clean. The methods I talked about before will keep the optics clean, but if the oil deposits on the surface we are measuring, at the moment we don’t have any way to compensate for that, so we would have to understand that more. It would be a change in the surface condition of the object, which would be effectively a change in the emissivity of the object, and there is not an automated way to compensate for that in our current system.

The question above was one of many questions asked by attendees in the webinar held last week. During this webinar, Lenny Shaver, Senior Director of Product Management, explained how plants are implementing automated thermal imaging for enhanced predictive abilities in Tube Furnaces, Reformers, Gasifiers, Flares, Storage Tanks, and other critical assets. He went on to explain how thermal imaging systems have evolved to be a more accurate and cost-effective solution for providing comprehensive thermal data compared to traditional choices for monitoring temperature.

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