SRU Gas Flame and Refractory Infrared Measurements

Monitoring Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs), Sulfur Burners, and Thermal Oxidizer Furnaces using both the gas flame and refractory temperature is an effective method to control the furnace process temperatures.

Unfortunately, these assets are typically monitored with thermocouples which are problematic as they fail prematurely or are highly protected, often slow, and only provide the refractory measurement. Single channel pyrometers do not compensate for changing flame transparencies and can only provide one wavelength measurement (gas or refractory).

The PULSAR 4 solution offers a single installation system with two independent infrared filtered detectors to provide both gas (flame) and refractory measurements simultaneously. Adding gas measurements allows for possible early warning signals in a non-contact solution. Since the solution is mounted outside of the furnace, it is not exposed to the high temperatures and corrosive acids, allowing operators to use a single solution for a longer time.

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