Using Infrared to Monitor Steel Manufacturing Processes

As an industry leader in process monitoring for all areas of steel manufacturing, we know how thermal imagers and pyrometers can provide dependable monitoring of critical parameters for productivity and product quality. Using non-contact industrial solutions allows manufacturers to ensure raw materials are safely transported, reach the right characteristics during the making process, and remain high quality during finishing.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging offers excellent resolution for outstanding images and accurate temperature measurements, allowing for better insight into the process. Designed specifically to protect instruments in harsh, high-temperature steel environments, advanced enclosures allow for monitoring of temperatures in real-time.

Pyrometers using short wavelength (near infrared) provide higher accuracy measurements demanded for precise process control. Designed for accurate measurements in dirty, hot environments, our two-color (ratio) pyrometers are ideal for applications with steam, smoke, and dust. Measurements are unaffected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view or by dirty viewing windows. In addition, the temperature measurement is independent of the emissivity of the object in wide ranges, and the measuring object can be smaller than the spot size.

These technologies can be used to monitor:

  • Steel Making – coke ovens, annealing furnaces, stove dome/blast furnaces, torpedo/ladles, and pouring stream
  • Steel Forming – casting/forging, hot rolling & rolling mills, hot forming, burr detection on slabs, and continuous casting
  • Steel Finishing – induction hardening processes, progressive hardening, and induction soldering

In addition, our Global Applications Engineering team has worked with customers worldwide to develop innovative steel-related solutions, including: coke quenching monitoring, gas burner cutting monitoring, roller surface overheating detection, and wire forming monitoring.

Looking for more information about monitoring a specific part of your steel manufacturing process? Read more on our website or visit us at booth #2610 during the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) Conference May 7-10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.