Introducing Quasar 2 for Flare Stack Monitoring

Quasar 2 Product photo

We are excited to announce the release of the new E2T Quasar 2 M8100-EXP! The Quasar 2 is the latest addition to our line of petrochemical infrared sensors and it is our best Quasar product to date for continuous monitoring and detection of pilot flame and flared gases from flares.

What is it for?
Flare pilots are often monitored with thermocouples, but they often fail due to thermal shock caused by extreme heat and vibrations during flaring events. The requirement for pilot monitoring beyond the normal life of pilot thermocouples has driven the market need for alternative methods, which requires installation of a redundant method of pilot monitoring to back up the standard pilot thermocouples.

What makes it so special?
The Quasar 2 is a non-contact Infrared pyrometer flare monitor (FM) with a multi-wavelength infrared thermometer sensitive to all flames including Hydrogen. Two models are available: Quasar 2 M8100-EXP and Quasar 2 M8100-EXP Advanced. The base system provides basic flare pilot monitoring capabilities. The advanced system includes an intensity mA output, which allows the programming of multiple set points to indicate pilot flame detection and flaring status signals from the same unit.

The Quasar 2 utilizes multi-wavelength infrared detection and electronic circuitry to automatically compensate for signal variation due to rain, snow or fog. Observed flaring is reported via a 4 and 20 mA signal. Furthermore, the Quasar 2 meets more current and stringent certifications, including: ATEX, IECEx and FM. Our updated and powerful InfraWin software interprets the data for analysis inside the control room.

Features and Improvements
Here’s a quick list of Quasar 2 features from our new product page:

  • Flame detection up to 400 m
  • Detection of hydrocarbon as well as hydrogen flames
  • FM and ATEX explosion-proof housing
  • Automatic gain control for adverse weather conditions
  • NEW! Stainless steel enclosure designed to withstand conditions in offshore applications
  • High quality sight-through optics
  • Add-on options for HART and additional setpoint relays

Like its predecessor, the Quasar 2 is destined to make an impact at petrochemical facilities across the globe. We invite you to learn more!