New LUXTRON m920 Series Modules

Luxtron `m920 Series Modules

LumaSense is excited to introduce the LUXTRON m920 Series Modules for Fiber Optic Temperature (FOT) Measurements in Semiconductor Wafer Fab systems, Transformer Monitoring, Medical, and General Lab/R&D applications.

Based on Trusted Monitoring Solutions
With more than 40 years of Fiber Optic Temperature monitoring experience with our LUXTRON brand, our solutions are designed with a proven reliability history and custom probe capabilities.The m920 Series Modules replace the LUXTRON m800 and m600 Series Modules and FOT Lab Kit.

What improvements did we make?
Delivering better accuracy of +/-0.05 °C and a sample rate of 50Hz per channel, the m920 Series Modules offer the best performance with high reliability. Another new feature is the added capability for RS485 (Modbus) Digital Communication. The modules are also backward compatible with the LUXTRON Semiconductor, Utility, and OEM probes.

Features of the new m920 Series Modules
Here’s a quick list of m920 Series Module features:

  • 4 and 2 channel single printed circuit board with RS232 (ASCII) and RS485 (Modbus) digital communication
  • Analog Output and Metal Enclosure based on series type
  • Precise and repeatable in-situ temperature measurements
  • Immune to RF, EMI, magnetic fields, and high voltages
  • Small form for easy integration

We invite you to learn more about the new m920 Series Modules!