Why Choose an Infrared Thermometer over Conventional Methods?

infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers (also called pyrometers) operate on the principle of detecting infrared radiation of objects to determine the temperature. Pyrometers are useful for controlling complete factory processes or measuring small components to ensure a consistent quality level.

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Andros: A Leader in Gas Spectroscopy

LumaSense Anniversary - 10 Years

Originally founded in 1969, Andros was the start of LumaSense’s gas portfolio when acquired in 2007. Today, Andros is complemented by our INNOVA gas monitors, allowing us to offer a wide range of gas sensing products for a variety of markets including, but not limited to energy, medical, automotive, and environmental.

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We Want Your Feedback!

Customer Survey

At LumaSense, we recognize the success you achieve with your LumaSense solution goes beyond high quality products, it extends into every aspect of our business relationship from pre-sales to aftermarket support. So, whether you are a current or future customer, if you’ve interacted with us, we want to hear from you.

We invite you to take our brief customer satisfaction survey so that we may continually improve our products and the ease of doing business with us.

  • Product Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Field & Factory Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Accounting

Please help us understand what we do well and what we can do to better serve you. Your inputs are greatly appreciated!

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LumaSense is in a Celebratory Mood!

Frankfurt Anniversary Party and Santa Clara Thanksgiving Celebration!

LumaSense is celebrating across the globe! The Frankfurt, Germany office held their LumaSense 10th Anniversary celebration on November 5th. The Santa Clara office celebrated the latest SmartDGA release during their Thanksgiving lunch on November 23rd!

Listen to CEO Steve Abely give thanks for the SmartDGA launch! Click on the video below.


Food Mousse Au Chocolate Cream
Frankfurt enjoyed quite the feast!
Dirk Fabian and others enjoying food
Dirk Fabian and teammates enjoying the anniversary celebration food! Tina Kühn, Mario Dore and Andreas Fleer seem satisfied!
Peter Admiring Marketing Thomas and Natalia
Peter Maushake admires marketing’s handy work while enjoying a bite. Thomas Fahn, Natalia Müller, and many others shared in the festivities!
Santa Clara team in the holiday spirit
Lenny Shaver, Monica Malone, Alejandra Hernandez, Carolina Hernandez, Patrick Franz, Harika Potluri, Sudeep Gonsalves, Shelly Ong and Stefan Warnke sport traditional Pilgrim hats.

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INNOVA: A Leader in Multi-Gas Detection since 1978

LumaSense Anniversary - 10 Years

And so the story continues…LumaSense, originally founded in 2005, expanded into the world of gas monitoring with the acquisition of the INNOVA AirTech Instruments A/S. INNOVA was originally founded in 1978 in Ballerup, Denmark near Copenhagen.

This week we sent an email sharing our story and a couple of great products from INNOVA. That story wouldn’t be possible without the service of those who have diligently worked for INNOVA and LumaSense over the years!

jensenHenning Jensen olsenInge Lise Olsen bergMikael Berg
asklundSteen Asklund nielsenSusanne Nielsen pedersenThomas Pedersen

LumaSense’s INNOVA team is a spirited bunch! Below are some pictures of recent social activities.

innova_dhl road race
Bike to work participants Inge Lise, Jørgen, Lars, Serge, Susanne, Thomas, Charlotte and Per DHL Road Race Inge Lise, Kirsten, Per, Susanne, and Thomas
Go Cart Racing and Bowling Thomas, Lars, Susanne, Serge, Mikael, Kim, Steel, Morten Go Cart Racing and Bowling Lars, Susanne, Serge
innova_bowling innova_anniversaryparty1
Go Cart Racing and Bowling Steen Employee Celebration Party Lars and Henning
innova_anniversaryparty2 innova_anniversaryparty3
Employee Celebration Party Inge Lise, her husband, Charlotte, Susanne, Lars Employee Celebration Party Steen, his wife, and Kim

I & C Sales Teams up with LumaSense at Heat Treat 2015


I & C Sales North, Inc., a longtime LumaSense partner from Michigan, joined us at the 28th annual ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exhibition. Innovators, influencers, and decision makers in the Heat Treating industry gathered from around the world at the conference in Detroit last month.


Bob Mintz, Janelle Coponen, Jonathan Wright, Denise Kinnunen, Nate Wilcox, and Bill Kolbeck

The two-day show was very successful! Jeremy Lovell, Vince Lowler, and Jonathan Wright talked with show attendees about the latest industry innovations, such as the ISR 6-TI Advanced, the first industrial grade pyrometer with thermal imaging. Jeremy showed several potential customers how they can achieve measurable results when they didn’t think was possible.

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LumaSense Takes a Break for Halloween!

The Halloween event hosted in Santa Clara was a great success! Thank you to all of the employees who joined the fun and contributed. See the contest winners below!

Mummy Wrap: Bob Painter and Phillis Buettner


Musical Chairs: Jose Ysaguirre


Candy Guessing Game: Justin Ware
(Guessed: 134, Count: 135)


Costume Contest Winner: Tony Moreno


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Improving Efficiency with Luxtron since 1978

LumaSense Anniversary - 10 Years

And so the story begins…LumaSense was founded in 2005 with the acquisition of the Luxtron Corporation. Luxtron was originally founded in 1978 right here in Silicon Valley, not too far from where LumaSense is today.

This week we sent an email sharing our story and some of the great products from Luxtron.

That story wouldn’t be possible without the service of those who have diligently worked for Luxtron and LumaSense over the years!

Phuc Cao
Phuc Cao
Steven Doan
Steven Doan
Terry Stapleton
Terry Stapleton
Jeffrey Alon
Jeffrey Alon
Manuela Bitencourt
Manuela Bitencourt
Lenny Shaver
Lenny Shaver
Ji-Dih Hu
Ji-Dih Hu
Hung Dang
Hung Dang
Tim Dubbs
Tim Dubbs
Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman
Christine Tran
Christine Tran
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen
Simon Hawkins
Simon Hawkins
Juncheng Xu
Juncheng Xu

LumaSense Turns 10!!!

August marked the 10th anniversary of LumaSense Technologies, Inc.®  Although it was originally founded in 2005, the companies that make LumaSense what it is today have over 50+ years of history and experience in the industries we serve. Many of you may have already seen the press release that tells our story.

Our headquarters office in Santa Clara held a lunch celebration that was kicked off by a speech from our CEO, Steve Abely. Steve discussed our history and honored members of our LumaSense family with substantial service to the company.

Our Human Resources team members Pat Winter and Erica Perez designed a special LumaSense version of bingo. Pictured below are some of the winners!

bingo_phillis Buettner

Bingo winner Phillis Buettner

bingo_Tom Doak

Bingo winner Tom Doak

Bingo_Dave Ducharme

Bingo winner Dave Ducharme


Bingo winner Rosa Veloz


Bingo winner Carola Herlich


Bingo winner Shelly Ong

After lunch and bingo, our executive team tried to pose for a group photo!Executive Team Photo Attempt

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Atlas Inspection Technologies Pursues Growth in Oil & Gas


Atlas Inspection Technologies (Atlas) is a longtime LumaSense partner from the southwestern United States. Motivated by growth in the oil and gas sector, Atlas personnel visited LumaSense headquarters to receive product and service training on E2T and the new PULSAR 4.

Jesse Miller (left) from Atlas Inspection Technologies’ Denver office and Brad Roberts (right) from the Seattle office took a hands-on approach to learn more about the PULSAR 4 with E2T product manager Dave Ducharme (center).

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