Mikron Calibration Sources: Accurate & Reliable

Technician calibrating a pyrometer using a LumaSense blackbody

All objects radiate thermal energy and that energy is expressed in relation to the energy radiated at the same temperature by a perfect radiator, traditionally called a blackbody. A blackbody absorbs all of the radiation it receives and radiates more thermal radiation for all wavelength intervals than any other mass of the same area and temperature.

While no perfect blackbody exists, specially constructed laboratory sources emit radiation with an efficiency compared to a blackbody of 98% or higher. These calibration sources are infrared radiators with fixed or adjustable temperatures, which are used for the calibration or verification of the correct temperature indication of pyrometers, thermal imagers, heat flux measurement or spectrographic analysis systems. The most common type of blackbody has a spherical cavity with a small hole in the surface where the opaque walls of the sphere are held at a uniform temperature.

Keeping temperature monitoring solutions such as pyrometers and thermal imagers precise is essential for maintaining accurate temperature monitoring. To keep them in spec, calibrations must take place either by the factory or on-site methods. Many customers decide to perform on-site calibrations with a calibration source when they have multiple infrared instruments or when they cannot wait for factory calibration.

Pyrometer with row of calibration sources

LumaSense offers a unique selection of precise calibration sources, defined by cutting edge emissivity values, homogenous emission areas, and a wide range of different sized apertures to adapt to the desired target area. Fast heat up times and high-temperature stability are guaranteed. The quality of our calibration sources is guaranteed by tests, burn-in times, and pyrometric calibrations. If possible, a certificate is provided to document the traceability to the international temperature scale ITS90.

We invite you to learn more about the science behind calibration sources as well as selecting the right blackbody for your needs.